Second conference on " New Developments in Photodetection "
Beaune, France, June 21-25, 1999


Scientific Program
Poster sessions
(last update June 9, 1999)
Liste of authors
Session A
From Monday, June 21 - 12:00
to Wednesday, June 23 - 12:00

PA-01 A measurement of the effective quantum efficient of some 5"" photomultipliers

with bialkali photocathodes

E. Lorenz (Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich)

PA-02 A monolithic charge to amplitude converter (QAC) chip for fast readout

of photomultiplier

T. Melebeck (ALCATEL, ETCA, Charleroi)

PA-03 Amplitude-time distributions of PMT after pulses

V.A. Morozov (JINR Dubna)

PA-04 Photomultiplier tubes with microchannel plates developed at BINP

E. Pyata (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk)

PA-05 Wavelenght dependent component of the PMT short-term instability

A. Singovski (LAPP, Annecy)

PA-06 Multianode photomultipliers as position sensitive detectors of single photons

P. Krizan (Univ of Ljubljana. and J. Stefan Inst., Lubljana)

PA-07 Photodetectors for HESS

A. Kohnle (MPI, Heidelberg)

PA-08 An optoelectronic detector for elastic scattering measurement in the TOTEM

experiment at LHC

M. Buenerd (Institut des sciences Nucléaires, Grenoble)

PA-09 Production of a diffuse very high reflectivity material for light collection in

nuclear detectors

B. Pichler (Nuclear Medicine of Techn. Univ. & MPI for Phys., Muenchen)

PA-10 Heat enhancement of radiation resistivity of evaporated CsI, KI and Kbr photocathodes

A.S. Tremsin (Space Science Lab., Univ. of California, Berkeley)

PA-11 Electronic structure of Alkali-antimonides

A.R.H.F. Ettema (Delft Inst. Microelectronics & Sumicrontechnology, Delft)

PA-12 A readout system for position sensitive measurements of X-ray using

silicon strip detectors

W. Dabrowski (Univ. of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow)

PA-13 The quantum X-ray radiology apparatus

G. Prevot (IReS, Strasbourg)

PA-14 Single pulse analysis with 35GHZ optical digitizer

A. Ghis (CEA-LETI , Grenoble)

PA-15 Improvement of CdTe-detector performance using model-based pulse processing

E. Fumero (Stockhilm University)

PA-16 The X-ray response deep depletion epitaxial GaAs detectors

A. Owens (Space Dept. of ESA, Noordwijk)

PA-17 The megacam optical astronomical camera

P. Gallais (CEA/DSM/DAPNIA, Saclay)

PA-18 Recent EBCCD developments in Russia: 1024x512 frame-transfer EBCCD image

tube and relevant digital EBCCD cameras

I. Dalinenko (Electron-Optronic, St Petersburg)

PA-19 Test facilities for Anthares PMTs and optical module

M. Karolak (CEA/DSM/DAPNIA, Saclay)

PA-20 Rhodium plated reflectors for use in the DIRC BaBar Cherenkov detector

M. Benkebil (LAL, Orsay)

 PA-21 Photodetectors of the lake Baikal neutino experiment and TUNKA air Cherenkov array

 B.Lubsandorzhiev (Institute of Nuclear Research, Moscow)


Session B


From Wednesday, June 23 - 12:00
to Friday, June 25 - 12:00



PB-01 MRS type avalanche photodetectors: reliability and possible fields of application

R. Rusack (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis)

PB-02 Study of the use of APD's as an alternative to PM tubes in positron emission tomography

A. Fremout (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

PB-03 A versatile fast low noise preamplifier in UBF bipolar technology

M. Goyot (Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Lyon)

PB-04 X-ray imaging with GaAs and  single photon counting

Val O'Shea (University of Glasgow) 

PB-05 Measurement of the dynamic response of low gain, solid-state photodetectors

under weak pulse illumination

D. Clément (Inst. of High Energy Physics, Lausanne)

PB-06 High speed, wide dynamic range analog signal processing for avalanche photodiode

J.P. Walder (Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Lyon)

PB-07 PN photodiodes for the light monitoring system of CMS ECAL

V. Puill (CEA/DSM/DAPNIA/SPP, Saclay)

PB-08 New generation large area avalanche photodiode with metal-resistive

layer-semiconductor structure

O.V. Missevich (Institut for Nuclear Problems, Minsk)

PB-09 CsI calorimeter with 3-D position resolution

F. Schopper (Max Planck Institute, Garching)

PB-10 Tests on far UV irradiation of CVD diamond samples

L. Barberini (Univ. di Cagliari, Dipt. di Fisica, Cagliari) 

PB-11 Optimal cooling of a HPGe spectrometers for space-born experiments

A. Chernenko (Space research Institute, Moscow)

PB-12 SPI calibration

G. Tauzin (CEA/DSM/DAPNIA, Saclay)

PB-13 The synchrotron radiation detector for the AMS experiment

O. Grimm (ETH Zurich)

PB-14 CsI(TI)-photodiode detectors for gamma-ray spectroscopy

E. Fioretto (INFN - Laboratori di Legnaro, Padova)

PB-15 Quality control of GEM detectors using scintillation techniques

F. Fraga (LIP, Dept. of Physics, Univ. Coimbra)

PB-16 Modelling of an IR scintillation counter

M.M. Fraga (Lab. de Instrumentaçao e Fisica Experimental de Particulas, Coimbra)

PB-17 X-ray imaging and detection using plastic scintillating fibers

A. Ikhlef (Ecole de Génie, Univ. de Moncton)

PB-18 Nuclear counter effect in avalanche photo-diodes and pion-electron misidentification

D. Zürcher (IPP, ETH, Zürich)

PB-19 CLAIRE - First Light for a Gamma-Ray Lens

P. Von Ballmoos (C.E.R.S., Toulouse)

PB-20 Silicon-Micromachined MicroChannelPlates

D. Winn (Fairfield University, USA)

PB-21 Study of prepulses and late pulses in EMI9353 Photomutiplier

B.Lubsandorzhiev (Institute of Nuclear Research, Moscow)