New Developments in Photodetection
Beaune, France, June 21-25, 1999
International Advisory   
Committee :  

K. Arisaka (USA) 
P. Bareyre (France) 
A. Breskin (Israel) 
J. Elias (USA) 
Y. Fujii (Japan) 
T. Kawamoto (Japan) 
E. Lorenz (Germany) 
S. Majewski (USA) 
Ph. Mine (France) 
E. Nappi (Italy) 
J. Paul (France) 
F. Piuz (Switzerland) 
D. Seliverstov (Russia) 
J. Va'vra (USA) 
L. Vigroux (France) 

Local Organizing Committee: 

P. Besson (DSM-CEA) 
Ph. Bourgeois (DSM-CEA) 
J.C. Clemens (IN2P3-CNRS) 
H. Fanet (LETI-CEA) 
J.L. Faure (ETH Zurich) 
Ph. Goret (DSM-CEA) 
B. Ille (IN2P3-CNRS) 
H. El Mamouni (IN2P3-CNRS) 
J.P. Peigneux (IN2P3-CNRS) 
J. Pouthas (IN2P3-CNRS) 

Secretariat of the Conference : 

F. Dykstra (IPN Orsay) 
M. Croizé (IPN Lyon) 
P. Guarnaccia (IPN Orsay) 
P. Fauvel (DAPNIA Saclay) 
Ch. Le Marec (LAPP Annecy) 

For scientific and general  
information please contact  
the Conference Secretariat: 

Frédérique Dykstra 
Institut de Physique Nucléaire 
Bât. 100 
F-91406 Orsay Cedex 
Phone : 33 1 69 15 73 18 
Fax : 33 1 69 15 44 75 
E-mail :  


Following the first edition, the Second International Conferenceon "New Developments in Photodetection" will be held at:  

Palais des Congrèsde Beaune
June 21-25, 1999

The meeting is organized by the Direction des Sciences de la Matière(DSM-CEA), the Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physiquedes Particules (IN2P3-CNRS) and the Université de Bourgogne.  


The Conference will be devoted to scientific knowledge on photodetection techniques for experiments in Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Sciences and Astrophysics as well as applications of such techniques in Biologyand Medicine.  

Topics will cover recent developments and progress in well established and emerging technologies of photodetection (visible, X and gamma) by photomultipliers, solid state devices and hybrid photodetectors.  

The specific use of photodetectors in various disciplines will bediscussed. Some emphasis will be put on the progress foreseen in the near future from both technological and economical points of view. In particular,new industrial achievements in solid state devices, critical issues concerning radiation damage, power consumption, dedicated electronics and calibration standards, will be addressed.  

During the Conference, a permanent exhibition will display new products from photodetector and electronics Companies.  

2. Program

The scientific program will be divided into four parts. The conference language is English.  

- Review talks in plenary session  
For each topic, a review talk of about 45 minutes will review the state of the art and the pending questions. The talk will illustrate the role of photodetectors and should suggest the directions in which improvements are desired.  

 - Contributed papers in plenary session 
The presentation time is 20mn maximum + 5mn of discussion. Abstracts and summaries of contributions should be submitted to the Organizing Committee before March 30, 1999 at the following address: 

Frédérique DYKSTRA  
Institut de Physique Nucléaire   
F - 91406 - ORSAY Cedex 
Tel: 33 1 69 15 73 18 
Fax: 33 1 69 15 44 75 

Only abstracts and summaries as described in the following section will be accepted. 
The Advisory Committee and the Organizers will make an effort to notify the authors in due time (April 30, 1999) the acceptance or rejection of their contribution. 

Preliminary Scientific Program  

Projection facilities 
Two standard overhead projectors will be available in the conference room. No slide projector will be available. 

- Poster sessions 
Also for poster contributions, the same abstract and summary forms should be used. The deadline and the address to send the abstracts are the same as for the oral presentations. The maximum size for a poster is 240 cm (length) by 100 cm (height). 

Preliminary Poster Program  

- Exhibits 
Photodetectors Companies and related signal processing electronic firms have been proposed to display new products. Interested societies should contact: 

Philippe BOURGEOIS  
CEA Saclay  
Bât. 534 
F - 91191 - GIF/YVETTE Cedex 
Tel: 33 1 69 08 43 72 
Fax: 33 1 69 08 30 24 
email : 

Deadline to participate at the exhibition: March 30, 1999. 
Preliminary list of interested Companies  

3. Registration and Conference Fee
Deadline: May 21, 1999.

Please, use the following registration form. Receipt of the registration form will not be further acknowledged. The application becomes valid only after payment of the conference fee. As the number of participants is limited to approx. 220, we encourage you to register as soon as possible.  

The cost for the participation to the conference is indivisible and will be 2750 FF or 419,2 EURO, including : registration fee, proceedings of the conference, lunch for 5 days, coffee breaks, wine tasting and social dinner. No participation will be confirmed in the absence of the payment 

All payments must be made in French Francs or EURO. As we have to pay high charges per transfer, please, group together money transactions whenever possible and please, make sure that your name(s) is(are) clearly indicated. 

- By bank check, payable in France and made out to the order of: "Trésorerie de Saclay" 

- By bank transfer (enclosed an official copy of the bank transfer) ordered to: 
CEA/ Trésorerie de Saclay/Beaune99 
Account no 00021100040 - clé: 68 - Bank Code: 30004 -Guichet Code: 00086 

Banque Nationale de Paris 
3-5 place de la République 
F-91400 ORSAY 

- By credit card: only VISA, Eurocards and MasterCard's will be accepted. 

Registration Form 

Payment of the conference fee must be receivedby May 21, 1999 and sent to: 
Patricia FAUVEL  
CEA Saclay  
Bât. 534 
F - 91191-GIF/YVETTE Cedex 
Fax : 33 1 69 08 56 69 
e-mail : 

After the deadline, registrations will be accepted only in case of disponibility and the fee will be increased by 20%. In case of cancellation later than June 1st, 1999, only 80% of the fee will be refund. 

All Registration Forms should be received before May 21, 1999, by WEB first
And then by normal mail (Snail mail) with the payment.


4. About Beaune and how to reach the conference

The name of Beaune makes you think of Bourgogne (Burgundy), a nice region of France, wine, and gastronomy. This little town is located 160 km from Lyon, 220 km from Geneva, and 340 km from Paris. Beaune is a fameous forits Gothic style "Hospices de l'Hotel Dieu" erected in 1443. This monument with its multicolored tiles is today considered a jewel of medieval architecture. 

The inner old city is car free and you will enjoy walking in thetypical old streets. Near Beaune you can visit some Bourgogne's finest wineries, but also Roman churches. 

You can reach Beaune either by train or by plane. From Paris, it takes only two hours by the fast train called TGV. By plane, you can arrive at the Dijon-Bourgogne airport (30km from Beaune).  

The conference will be held at the "Palais des Congrès" located close to both the city center (about 600 meters) and hotels. 

You can get more information on the WEB: 

The conference registration will start on Sunday 20 from 15:00 until 18:00 and Monday 21 at 9:00. A lunch will be served on Monday 21 from 12:00 until 13:45. The conference will be officially opened on Monday 21 at 14:00.