Second conference on " New Developments in Photodetection " 
Beaune, France, June 21-25, 1999
Contact : H. EL MAMOUNI
Scientific Program
Talks in Plenary Session
Monday, June 21
Session A - General Talks

A1 - 15:15 New developments in photodetection for Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics

J. Elias (Fermilab, Batavia)

A2 - 16:30 New developments for high energy astrophysics

J. Paul (DAPNIA Saclay) A3 - 17:15 New developments in photodetection for Medecine A. Del Guerra (INFN, Pisa)
Tuesday, June 22
Session B - Solid State X-Ray Detectors

Review talk

B1 - 8:30 Recent developments in X-ray imaging detectors

J. P. Moy (TRIXELL, France) Submitted talks

B2 - 9:10 A new quantum detection system for very low dose X-ray radiology

P. Fessler (Vanves) B3 - 9:35 Study of Cd(Zn)Te detectors for X-ray computed tomography S. Ricq (CEA/LETI, Grenoble) B4 - 10:00 Optimization of metal/phosphor detectors for online portalimaging in radiotherapy C. Kausch (Philips Research Lab. Hamburg)
Session C - Gaseous Photodetectors & RICH

Review talk

C1 - 10:50 Highlights from the RICH98 workshop

T. Ypsilantis (INFN, Bologna)
Submitted talks

C2 - 11:30 Photocathodes for gas avalanche Photomulipliers

A. Breskin (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot) C3 - 11:55 The GEM photomultiplier operated in noble gas mixtures A. F. Buzulutskov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk) C4 -  Prototype study of proximity focusing RICH for the AMS experiment T. Thuilier (ISN Grenoble)
Session D - New Trends in PhotoMultiplier and their Applications


Review talk

D1 - 14:20 New trends in vacuum based photon detectors

K. Arisaka (UCLA)
Submitted talks

D2 - 15:05 Photomultiplier activity inside the ANTARES project

S. Basa (CPPM Marseille) D3 - 15:30 Application specific integrated circuits for the ANTARES offshore front-end electronics

D. Lachartre (DAPNIA, Saclay)

D4 - 16:45 Performance of the photomultiplier tubes used in the DIRC of BaBar : effect of a magnetic field and of helium G. Vasseur (DAPNIA, Saclay) D5 - 17:10 Fast analog signal transmissions for an air Cherenkov photo-multiplier camera with optical fibers E. Lorenz (Max Planck Institute, Munich) D6 - 17:35 A miniature ""scintillator-fiberoptic-PMT"" detector system for the dosimetry of small fields in stereotactic radiosurgery

                       S.A. Beddar (Ireland cancer Center, Cleveland)

D7 - 18:00 A study on the new hemispherical 6-dynodes PMT from electron tubes

A. Ostankov (IFAE, Barcelona)  
Wednesday, June 23
Session E - New Developments in HPD and Vacuum Detectors

Submitted talks

  E1 - 8:30 A "LEGO" hybrid photon detector - assembled from the standard mass-produced vacuum components D. Ferenc Univ. of California) E2 - 8:55 Highly Segmented Large-Area Hybrid Photodiodes with Bialkali Photocathodes and Enclosed VLSI Readout Electronics F. Filthaut (CERN) E3 - 9:20 Magnetic field effects on hybrid photodiode single electron response C. Damiani (INFN, Pisa) E4 - 9:45 An evaluation of the new compact hybrid photodiodes R7110U-07/40 from Hamamatsu in high speed light detection mode R. Mirzoyan (Max Planck Institut, Munich)
E5 - 10:40 Fine-mesh photodectors for CMS endcap electromagnetic calorimeter
            D.M. Seliverstov (Nuclear Physics Institute, RAS, Gatchina)
E6 - 11:05 Imaging hybrid photon detectors with a reflective photocathode D. Ferenc (Univ. of California) E7 - 11:30 A multichannel single-photon sensitive detector for high energy physics : the megapixel EBCCD L. Benussi (IIHE, Bruxelles) E8 - 11:15 4K x 4K resolution element photon counting MCP sensor with > 200kHz event rate capability

                            J. Vallerga (Siegmund Scientific, USA)

E9 - 12:20  Performance of hybrid photon detectors prototypes with 80% active area for the RICH counters of LHCb

                           T. Gys (CERN)

Session F - Session with the Industrial Suppliers


F1 - 14:20 APD arrays and large area APDs via a new planar process

R. Farrell (Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc., USA) F2 - 14:45 Simple model for EG&G APD Y. Musienko Yuri (Northeastern Univ., Boston) F3 - 15:10 Hamamatsu
Thursday, June 24
Session G - Detector using APD's and CCD's


Submitted talks

G1 - 8:30 Limited Geiger Mode Micocell Silicon Photodiode : New Results

B. Dolgoshein (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, Moscow) G2 - 8:55 Properties of the Most recent Avalanche Photodiodes for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter   D. Renker Dieter (Paul-Sherrer-Institute, Villigen) G3 - 9:20 APD performance in a luminosity monitor at LEP G. Boix (CERN) G4 - 9:45 MADPET : A high resolution PET-Scanner based on the readout of LSO crystals with Avalanche Photodiodes B. Pichler (Nuclear Medicine of Techn. Univ., Muenchen)  G5 - 10:40 Investigation of silicon avalanche photodiodes for use in scientillating fiber Trackers J. Bähr (DESY Zeuthen) G6 - 11:05 Constraints in using APDs in air-Cherenkov-telescopes for gamma-astronomy M. Martinez (I.F.A.E. Barcelona)   G7 - 11:30 Development of back-illuminated, fully-depleted CCD image sensors for use in optical and near-IR astronomy D. Groom (Berkeley) G8 - 11:55 Silicon Avalanche Detector on base Metal-Resistor-Semiconductor Structure V. Saveliev (Engineering and Physics Instit., Moscow) G9 - 12:20 Large area avalanche photodiodes in X-rays and scientillation detection M. Moszynski (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)
Session H - Solid State Gamma Detectors & Bolometer

Review talk

H1 - 14:20 High resolution detector in nuclear spectroscopy

J. Gerl (GSI, Darmstadt)
Submitted talks

H2 - 14:50 ISGRI CdTe gamma-ray camera : first steps

O. Limousin (DAPNIA, Saclay) H3 - 15:15 Simulation of CdZnTe Gamma-ray spectrometer response A. Gliere (LETI Grenoble) H4 - 15:40 Scientillation light read-out by thin photodiodes in silicon wells C. Allier (Univ. Delft) Review talk

H5 - 16:30 Cryogenic photodetectors

G. Chardin (DAPNIA, Saclay) Submitted talks

H6 - 17:00 Neutron and gamma rays separation withionization-heat bolometers

X. F. Navick (DAPNIA, Saclay) H7 - 17:25 Superconducting tunnel junctions used as photon detectors for astronomy
    1. Polaert (ESA, Noordwijk)
Friday, June 25
Session I - HPD Applications


Submitted talks

I1 - 9:20 Recents developments on ISPA-cameras for gamma-ray imaging

D. Puertolas (INFN, Roma) I2 - 9:45 Use of proximity focused HPDs for the inner trigger detector of the FINUDA experiment M. Marchesotti (Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Pavia)
I3 - 10:40 Status of the CMS hadron calorimeter HPD readout system P. Cushman (USCMS HCAL Collaboration) I4 - 11:05 HPD for linear collider N. Kanaya (Kobe Univ., Kobe)
11:55 Summary of the conference          E. Lorenz (Max Planck Institute, Munich)